Rumor: New look jerseys for the Carolina Hurricanes in 2019/2020

The Carolina Hurricanes have taken the NHL by “storm” in 2018/2019. From their outrageously fun and at times controversial Strom Surge celebrations after home wins to their "Bunch of Jerks" line of merchandise and now a successful wild card berth in the playoffs has lead them to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Hurricanes are the talk of the National Hockey League. 

You probably have noticed that the Hurricanes are sporting their black 3rd jerseys this post season. They wore the 3rd jerseys in their playoff series wins against the Capitals and Islanders. They will continue to wear them in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Bruins, but Carolina’s owner, Tom Dundon is reportedly not a fan of the Hurricanes current jersey styles.

During the regular season, Dundon took any opportunity he could to have the Hurricanes wear their
home jerseys on the road as he is not a fan of their current white jerseys. The team wore the home
reds on their California road trip in December 2018. Sporting home jerseys against the Sharks, Kings and wore the reds against the Ducks who even wore their home black uniforms in a 4-1 Hurricanes win on December 7th.

Dundon has proven to be an out of the box owner of an NHL franchise and will do anything possible to remove the Hurricanes from relocation talks in the future. The Storm Surge celebrations have gained the Hurricanes national exposure and have kept fans in their seats until the end of each home win. All signs point the Hurricanes making a change up to the current jersey styles, possibly even making the switch the black 3rd jerseys as their primary uniforms as well as sporting the retro Hartford Whalers jerseys more often. If the Hurricanes are able to continue their success in this year’s post season, their fans will only become more engaged in the organization and making a fresh switch in uniform style may be exactly what the Hurricanes needs to kick off the 2019/2020 season. 

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