4 Potential trade destinations for Patrik Laine

David Pagnotta from The Fourth Period stated on NHL Network Radio that Patrik Laine wanted out of Winnipeg, and will explore all options, including signing an offer sheet. Here are some potential trade destinations for Laine.
Detroit Red Wings

After hiring new general manager Steve Yzerman, Yzerman could pull off some drastic changes. With Laine's worst season since his NHL debut, Laine was reportedly looking for a double digit long-term contract, but will most likely not get it. But Yzerman could sign Laine to a bridge deal. A lower cap contract that's short term. Roughly between the $6-to-$9 million AAV, one or two year deal. The Red Wings have $13 million in available cap space and don't have any high priority players to sign this off-season. If Laine signs a contract with an AAV of only $4 million, Detroit will have to give up just a 2nd round pick and anything more than $4,227,437, they'll have to give a 1st and a 3rd. Detroit has money to burn, and Steve Yzerman has been known to not be afraid to spend it.

Pittsburgh Penguins

With the Penguins wanting a new look after a disappointing post-season, the Pittsburgh Penguins could trade Phil Kessel to the Winnipeg Jets. That way, they get rid of Kessel whom they've been trying to part ways with for the past couple seasons, they get a younger, somewhat faster winger. But of course, Pittsburgh would have to add a sweetener, and Kessel would have to waive his modified NMC for a trade like this to happen.

Buffalo Sabres

Patrik Laine could be an easy replacement if the Buffalo Sabres can't sign Jeff Skinner. Of course Jeff Skinner and Buffalo both want him to stay within the organization, but let's say Skinner hits free agency because both sides were $100,000 apart (Edmonton traded Ryan Smyth because they were $100,000 apart on contract negotiations.) Laine could easily replace Skinner, he's younger and a little faster than Skinner.

Carolina Hurricanes

With Jacob Trouba likely to sit out if he's not offered the contract he wants, the Winnipeg Jets may look to find his replacement. They may turn their head to Carolina, they have some great prospects along with some decent draft picks, and they may also have Trouba's replacement. The replacement being Justin Faulk, granted he has one last year on his contract until he become UFA and he has a M-NMC, but he could replace Trouba and Winnipeg could find their replacement, Carolina can get a young winger, but Trouba sits out or gets traded elsewhere. Faulk's name has been linked to Winnipeg once or twice when he was in the rumor mill. Carolina has to re-sign Sebastian Aho, Michael Ferland along with Justin Williams.

Do you think Laine will be traded or will he sign an offer sheet?

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