BREAKING: NHL makes some rule changes

The NHL have decided to make a rule change concerning players that lose their helmets during play, per Frank Seravalli.

The new rules states: Players who lose their helmet during play - and don't have the chance to play the puck - will either have to go to the bench or put his helmet back on, or will be hit with a minor penalty.

The rule also follows with: Players who attempt to deliberately knock off an opponent's helmet in light of this rule can also receive a minor penalty. This will be similar to the AHL's rule, it was reported earlier this year that this rule would be discussed and would be put into place.

There are also new video review rules. Expanded coaches' challenge. Third category added: Allow challenges of missed stoppages of play in offensive zone leading to a goal. When the play is reviewed, and it turns out that the coach is wrong, the coach's team will suffer a minor penalty, and second unsuccessful attempt is a double-minor.

The missed calls can't be at the discretion of the referee, but 'black and white' calls such as hand passes, puck in netting, high sticks, etc.

Referees are also allowed to review their own calls using video technology with regards to major penalties, but without consultation from the Situation Room in Toronto. It can be reduced to a minor or upped to a major penalty, but once the whistle is blown, it is a penalty regardless.

These are the new rules as of late, but more can be added soon. What are your thoughts on the new rules?

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