Former Red Wings Mike Commodore threatens Leafs' Mike Babcock

Mike Babcock and Mike Commodore's relationship has always been a bumpy one, and it shows once again as Commodore threatens Babcock on live radio.

If I could legitimately hurt him and get away with it, I would consider doing it, Commodore told 97.1 The Ticket's podcast In the Meantime. But it's not worth the jail time. It would be a potential fist fight, for sure. I'd let him get the first one in just so I don't get in trouble, and then it's on.
 Even in an amicable setting, like a golf charity tournament, Commodore doesn't want anything to do with Babcock.
We're not making it off the first tee. I hope I never see that guy for the rest of my life. That would be a good thing. He is not a person that I want anybody I like to meet. He's a scumbag. But if that did happen, I would have a very hard time keeping it together. With his ego, he would definitely say something, and to be honest, I would fly off the fucking handle. I would have no control. I'm not saying I'm the toughest guy in the world, but I'm telling you right now, I would kick the shit out of that guy.
Commodore isn't afraid of saying how he feels about the Leafs head coach, and this is not the first time Commodore has called out the coach.
The guy is a piece of shit that treats people terribly. His ego, I haven't met him since he signed that deal in Toronto, so I can't even imagine how big his fucking ego is now. When I hear Mike Babcock, the first thing that comes through my mind is "Piece of Shit."

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