Report: Islanders, Columbus, and Minnesota presented Mitch Marner with offer sheets

Mitch Marner was presented 2 offer sheets this off-season as he was most likely the most appetizing RFA in a highly talented RFA class.

According to Marner's agent Darren Ferris, Marner was presented 2 offer sheets by two contending teams. The Columbus Blue Jackets are amongst the teams that have contacted Mitch Marner's side regarding an offer sheet, which Marner declined.

The other team is the Minnesota Wild according to Ferris as he appeared on First Up with Michael Landsberg and Carlo Colaiacovo.

Ferris added that Mitch declined both because he wanted to be remain a Leaf, but wanted to be treated fairly. The reason for the holdout was because of the term and never was about the dollars, and that Marner's camp and Dubas' was never about dollars, but about term.

It was also reported that the New York Islanders were preparing to offer Marner 7-years, $91M contract, but Marner wanted a shorter term than what New York was offering.

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