Sportsnet's Sid Seixeiro absolutely destroys the NHL and Senators' Chris Tierney for the hit on Boeser

The pre-season game between the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Canucks was quite an ugly one as the Canucks lost Brock Boeser and Oscar Fantenberg on two sepearate incidents involving hits from behind. Co-host Sid Seixeiro went absolute bonkers on Sportsnet's Tim and Sid segement regarding Chris Tierney's hit on Brock Boeser

This is as alarming as a pre-season can get, Sid began. [...] to have that kind of hit result in nothing but a two-minute penalty is disgusting in this league. This is what I hate the most about the National Hockey League , is how a hit like that in a nothing game from a player, and Chris Tierney, who quite frankly is life and death to make Top 12 among the lines on a roster that young, that should tell you something. To run Brock Boeser is sick to me and it's the one thing about the National Hockey League I will never get over. In a nothing evening, a guy like Boeser, who by the way has broken a bone in his lower back before gets run from behind like this and nothing results from it, absolutely nothing except concussion protocol. 
Sid didn't hold back his words on this. Both Oscar Fantenberg and Brock Boeser are in concussion protocol for the hits.

Have a listen to the rest of the segment where Tim and Sid discuss the hits and how inconsistent the NHL is when it comes to first-time offenders.

What's your opinion on the hits, should Tierney be penalized for the hit other than an in-game penalty? What could the NHL do to improve their consistency?

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