Expect major changes to the 2020 NHL All Star Game in St Louis

All-Star weekend is the perfect time for the NHL to show off their superstars from every market around the league and give them every opportunity to put on for the fans. However, in recent years, there has been a ton of complaints from the players that some of the skills challenges are making them look bad. The league has been all ears, and it appears some changes are on the way for 2020 in St Louis.

The NHL is looking into changing a few of the events to increase the 'fun' factor for the players. One in particular is the puck control relay, as the league looks to make the event more realistic and less gimmicky.

If you remember from last season, the Sharks Erik Karlsson struggled, and basically gave up during the event. The league doesn't want to see instances like that anymore, and the players don't want to be apart of it either.

More information is expected in the next month on what new events could be introduced, and which 'old' ones will be eliminated. There's also talk a bunch of St Louis Blues alumni will take part in the weekend, and perhaps even in the skills competition.

Most accurate shot - Auston Matthews vs Brett Hull? Who you putting your money on?

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