Rumor: New Jersey and LA discussing blockbuster trade

The New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings have both been looking for a save early on this season, and it appears the teams could be looking into the other's crease to make it happen.

According to sources linked to Devils GM, Ray Shero, the Devils and Kings have held discussions about a trade centered around goaltenders Cory Schneider and Jonathan Quick. The same two names who were linked together last season as reports were flying the two teams were closing in on a deal.

Both Schneider and Quick could use an address change, as both goaltenders have struggled the better part of the past 2 seasons. This year in particular, the two American tenders have been horrible, as Quick is 0-3, with a 6.43 GAA and a .793 save % and Schneider is 0-2, with 3.33 GAA and a .897 save %.

The similarities are impeccable between the two goaltenders, in age, salary, and term, so a 1 for 1 swap could be an option, however, believe around the league is the Kings want another piece in return, while the Devils are confident Schneider will waive his no-trade clause to go to the west coast.

Expect more chatter to surface while talks intensify, as both teams are searching for a save.

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