Teammate confirms, Drew Doughty slept in for the Olympic Gold Medal Game

The LA Kings' Drew Doughty is one of the best defensemen in the game. His hockey IQ is second to none and maybe his biggest attribute. He's not the fastest skater, he doesn't have the hardest shot, he gets by on his natural God-given talent. Just don't ask him to set an alarm for the biggest game of his life.

Recently on the freshly famous podcast Spittin Chiclets, Biz, Whit and R.A had Mike Richards on as their guest. Richards, who played 749 NHL games was one of the best two-way centres in the game for a long time. His resume is off the charts. Memorial Cup, World Juniors Championship, Calder Cup, two Stanley Cups, and a Gold Medal for Canada. The Kenora, Ontario native now lives for the peace and quiet of northern Ontario, making sure to mix in a round of golf in between all the fishing him and his buddies enjoy. Speaking of enjoy, Richards who was one of the 'quiet Captains' in the NHL, shared a story on the podcast about Drew Doughty and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Coles notes goes like such. After the round robin game, Steve Yzerman pulled Richards, Doughty and another member of the Canadian team aside, and mentioned the games start to mean something so maybe they want to tone it down a bit after dark. The boys were buzzing in the Olympic village and had been enjoying themselves on quite the bender. Late nights, lots of drinks, and playing round robin games with cured hangovers. After Yzerman left the dorm, the boys were noticeably taken back by the stern message, but only for a couple minutes, then Doughty piped up and asked 'so what are we doing tonight boys?'. 'Dewy' was ready for another big night.

Turns out the boys were able to keep it pretty low key from there, as the Canadian team continued to win and made their way to the finals vs the United States. Richards, a former captain, was at the rink for the gold medal game several hours before. Getting in a good work out, a good meal, and a good stretch in before one of the biggest games of his life. The only thing missing, Drew Doughty.

As more and more players were showing up, the trend continued, no 'Dewy'. Sure enough, Drew Doughty had slept in for the Gold Medal game of the Olympics. No big deal.

Doughty would show up shortly before the warm up skate, soaking wet. He blamed it on his alarm, and had to get dropped off a couple of blocks from the rink, go for a run in his suit, and make his way through the crowds to get into the rink. Tense moments and the puck hadn't even dropped yet.

The Canadian team as we all know, went on to beat the Americans 3-2, on Sidney Crosby's golden goal.

As for 'Dewy' he played one of the games of his life. He was the only player on the Canadian team who was a +3. On the ice for all three Canadian goals. Just the way Doughty drew it up.