Avs Erik Johnson calls the refs 'a fu**ing joke' for how they handled Calvert injury

The Colorado Avalanche were up a two goals in Vancouver on Saturday night, when an incident occurred that shook up the game, and if the Avs player's have it their way, it's going to shake up many other nights as the team is calling for changes.

Matt Calvert was hit in the head with a shot, and the play resumed. He laid there bleeding from his hear, and with a possible concussion, and meanwhile the play continued and the Canucks ended up scoring on the play.

After the goal, all hell broke loose, and the Avs' captain, Nathan MacKinnon didn't hold back, calling out the refs for favouritism, and Avs' veteran, Erik Johnson, called it like he saw it:

In case you missed the play that is causing quite the stir. We wish Matt Calvert a speedy recovery:

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