Avs' MacKinnon takes a shot at LeBron James about Calvert injury

Colorado Avalanche's Nathan MacKinnon took at shot at NBA superstar after his teammate Matt Calvert took a puck to the side of the head.

MacKinnon's teammate, Matt Calvert, was left bloodied and laying on the ice late in the third against the Vancouver Canucks after blocking a shot from Vancouver star Elias Pettersson. Calvert was sprawled on the ice as play continued around him and Vancouver scoring eventually.
I can only imagine if that was LeBron James, his head was bleeding and they let the other team take a three-pointer to tie the game, MacKinnon told Sportsnet's Scott Oake during a post-game interview. I know it's not the ref's fault, it's a league rule, but I think you need to look and who's laying on the ice. 
 After Vancouver scored the goal, Calvert was escorted to the dressing room by the training staff as Colorado's bench was asking themselves why the play wasn't whistled dead after their players was obviously injured.

Here's the play in question:

The Canucks scored the equalizer a minute later and MacKinnon would soon end the game in OT with his second of the game.

Do you think that the play should be whistled once a player is obviously in distress or no?

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