Leafs' Auston Matthews buttocks exposing court case has been dismissed

Auston Matthews is off the hook, after his court case from the summer in Scottsdale, AZ has been dismissed. The Maple Leafs superstar was in some hot water after a drunken incident including a security guard from his condo building and exposing his underwear covered buttocks.

The disorderly conduct charge was a shock the Matthews employer, as the Maple Leaf never told the team about the incident, however, he seemed to loop in some old friends like Patrick Marleau.

In the police report and subsequent police body-cam interview that surfaced, the victim, who as mentioned is a security guard at the Arizona condominium complex, alleged Matthews and a group of males attempted to break into her car around 2 a.m., where she was doing paperwork. When she exited the vehicle to confront them, she alleged Matthews told her they believed it would be funny to see how she would respond.

Under Arizona law, an individual who is accused of a misdemeanour offence has the ability to settle the matter by coming to a financial agreement in exchange for the criminal case's conclusion. In other words, he paid off the security guard roughly $100,000 from the sounds of it. 

The Maple Leafs hope Matthews will keep them in the loop next time, or even better, they're hoping there won't be a next time.

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