NHL Trade Rumors: Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson

There’s loud rumblings that the New Jersey Devils will trade Taylor Hall, who is on the final year of a seven year, $6 million annual cap hit contract. Hall is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent this July. NHL insider Elliotte Friedman expects Hall to be traded soon.

I think more likely than not he gets dealt. I think the bigger question is how deep does Ray Shero go on this. But I would expect he’s going to get traded.

According to Joshua Marshall, Taylor Hall has informed his agent that he wants a trade as of a few days ago. The Edmonton Oilers are the number one team on his list.

The Oilers would have to send back significant salary in a trade. I see the Oilers trading defenseman Adam Larsson for Taylor Hall in a 1 for 1 deal! Larsson is signed to a $4.16 million annual cap hit contract until 2021.

In order for Taylor Hall to remain an Oiler long-term, he would have to take a discount on his next contract. He might accept less money for a chance to win a Stanley Cup for his favorite city, Edmonton.

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