The Firing of Don Cherry Has Divided Hockey Fans Across Canada

It has been a day since Don Cherry was fired from Sportsnet in the wake of his comments with regards to immigrants. Much like his comments on Coach's Corner, Cherry's firing has been a controversial and divisive affair.
Most fans would agree that no matter what Sportsnet did in response to Cherry's comments, there would be a backlash, but I do not believe they expected what we have seen unfold in the past 24 hours.

Supporters of Don Cherry have taken to hockey outlets all over Canada to voice their displeasure. Many are claiming that they will boycott Sportsnet, and Rogers as a whole in favour of competing service providers.
Others have been calling on the main sponsor of Coach's Corner, Budweiser, to pull the plug on their sponsorship agreement.
A flurry of tweets with #BoycottRogers and #IStandWithCherry have been flooding Twitter for the last 24 hours.
Several non-official NHL pages have reported furious messages from angry hockey fans in support of Don Cherry.

This outcry has been met with those who oppose Don Cherry and support Sportsnet's decision, calling those who "stand with Cherry" bigoted, racist, and xenophobic.

It will be very interesting to see if Sportsnet's numbers take a dip in the wake of Cherry's firing. Many have pointed out that Sportsnet was already in a time of budget cuts, and something like this would hit them right where it hurts.

Will you be boycotting Rogers Media, or do you agree with the decision to fire Don Cherry? Comment below.

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