Video: Paralyzed Humboldt Broncos player moves legs after experimental surgery

The family of Humboldt Bronco alum, Ryan Straschnitzki couldn't hold back tears as they watched Ryan move his legs after an experimental surgery in Thailand. Straschnitzki was one of 13 players injured when a truck driver blew through a stop sign and into the team's bus in Saskatchewan.

What a scene as Ryan begun moving his legs after spinal surgery, nearly kicking his therapist and asking if he could hit the gym. The 20-year-old, Alberta native, was paralyzed from the chest down after the accident and has never given up hope, and has become an inspiration to millions around the globe.

On Monday the doctors implanted an epidural stimulator into Straschnitzki's spine in the hope to restore movement in his legs. By using a small device, much like a remote control, this implant sends electrical currents to the spinal cord to stimulate nerves and move his limbs, bypassing traditional pathways.

This video is everything! Great to see, and we are pulling for you, Ryan!

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