Hall of famer, Chris Chelios blasts Mike Babcock for player treatment

The vicious cycle continues as Mike Babcock is on the receiving end of some horrible stories. This time it's former Red Wing, Chris Chelios who let the former coach of the Red Wings have it, not holding anything back when asked, on the most recent episode of the podcast - Spittin' Chiclets.

He goes, 'you're not here to score goals. You're here to play defence and babysit Brett Lebda, while I responded - I've been a plus all training camp' and he interrupted me right away and said - 'if you don't like it, you can go see Kenny Holland, I'm sure he'll trade you
And that's when Chelios became a 'mentor' in Detroit, which wasn't the first time he had gotten into it with Babcock. Another instance took place when Babcock tried to healthy scratch him for the outdoor game at Wrigley Field against the Blackhawks.
He tried to healthy scratch me in the outdoor game because he knew it was my hometown - just things that were so nnecessary, to show he's the boss, to show his general manager he's the boss. That he's on a power thing, his ego - that's a big part of his personality.
Chelios went on to play 2 minutes in the 2009 Winter Classic.
Kenny Holland and Jim Nill, for three days, argued with him. So what Babs ended up doing was, he suited up 7 D for the first time ever....He played me the opening shift, and then didn't play me another shift the rest of the game. That was his way of showing Kenny and Jim Nill, he's not going to be told what to do.
Chelios went on to mention Babcock 'verbally assaulted' Johan Franzen during the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs when the Red Wings faced the Nashville Predators, causing Franzen to have a 'nervous breakdown'. Chelios has tracked Babcock's recent firing and said he wasn't surprised by the move, especially after the way he handled Jason Spezza's home opener scratching. Chelios went on to call Babcock extremely disrespectful and an ego-maniac.
It's just stupid things like that, and now it's obviously coming back to haunt him and we'll see if someone's crazy enough to hire him again
Shots fired.

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