Is the Time Now for a Habs Rebuild?

After the Canadiens 8th loss in a row, a streak in which they've allowed 4.75 goals per game, I can't be the only one wondering if it's time for a Habs rebuild.

With 13 picks in the upcoming draft and a prospect pool that is beginning to look substantial, it has become evident that the timing of these young guns are not in alignment with the 2 biggest contracts on the books in Shea Weber and Carey Price.  And while both of these players may be past their best before date, very few would argue that they would not hold value to a ripe and ready Stanley Cup contender.

Price appears to be the easier sell, however a look back through recent goalie trades reveal that NHL general managers are rather thrifty when acquiring netminders league wide.  Could the best dressed GM in the league even find a dance partner?  Well let's spitball here.

How would a Patrick Roy 2.0 trade look here between the Canadiens and Avalanche?  You know the one that led to 2 Stanley Cups in Colorado, in large part due to the trade that landed one of the best goalies in the league at the time.  The Avs are second in the league with a goal differential of +22, and that's without the help of 2 of their 3 highest scorers in Landeskog and Rantanen, who have been out for swaths of time so far this season.  Adding possibly the best goalie in the league would bring this team from Stanley Cup contender to Stanley Cup favorite in a heartbeat.

So, what would it take?  We know the Habs have some cap space, and they'll probably need it to retain some salary because 10.5 million for a 32 year old goalie, even with Price's resume, is still a bit of a gamble.  Could a package of Philip Grubauer, Connor Timmins and a 1st round pick do the trick? 

Don't ask me about Weber though, I just don't see the market.  Nashville maybe, haha.  Any ideas guys?

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