NHLTR: Maple Leafs trying to sign Russian superstar goaltender

Timur Bilyalov is a name that's not familiar to the average NHL fan, however, that's going to change and soon. The AK Bars Kazan goaltending has been tearing up the KHL, and the Maple Leafs have taken notice.

The Leafs have been talking contract with Bilyalov, as the 24-year-old tender currently sits with a 10-1-2 record, with a league leading .957 save % and a 1.10 goals-against-average.

Bilyalov was never drafted, and currently is under contract in the KHL until April 30th. The Leafs are hoping a deal is in place by March of next season, when it's believed Bilyalov will determine if he's going to the NHL or staying in the KHL.

As for his desire to play in the NHL, it's a dream for him as it is for any other player. If opportunity presented itself, he would certainly give it a shot. He's been asked the question so many times, but he never seems to believe that it's actually possible - KHL Reporter, Aivis Kalnins
The dream will become a reality in 2020, and Kyle Dubas and the Leafs want it to happen in Toronto.

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