Sean Avery accuses former Kings coach Marc Crawford of kicking him

Sean Avery doesn't like to keep his mouth shut, so it's a touch surprising it's been this long since he broke his silence about this issue. It appears the former NHL pest has been inspired by the latest NHL developments and doesn't want to hold back any longer.

Sean Avery accuses his former coach, Marc Crawford, of kicking him after a too-many-men penalty. Avery told Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the incident happened in 2006-2007, while the two were with the LA Kings.
He kicked me after a too-many-men on the ice call I took. He didn't have me serve it, we got scored on, and he let me have it
The incident occurred on December 23, 2006 vs the Nashville Predators according to Brooks. After the goal, Avery said that Crawford came down to the end of the bench to deliver a message, says Avery:
You know how I stand at the end of the bench? He came down and gave me an ass kick that left a mark
Later that year Avery squared off and fought assistant coach Mark Hardy in practice, which essentially led to him being traded to the New York Rangers.

The NHL has not commented on the report.

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