Senators Brady Tkachuk Makes a Gutless Move in Last Night's Game

The Senators lost last night's game to the Canadiens in overtime, in part due to a mistake between Thomas Chabot and Brady Tkachuk, but that isn't the important takeaway from that game.
The win for Montreal was a first for Cayden Primeau, who stopped 35 shots out of 37 that night. Teams will often collect the puck for major accomplishments in a player's career, like a first goal, first point, or first win for a goaltender.

But Brady Tkachuk had other plans. After getting scored on by Ben Chiarot, Tkachuk quickly scooped up the puck and tried to head off to the locker room with it, presumably to keep it from Primeau.

Carey Price saw this and quickly skated over to Tkachuk, telling him to hand over the puck.

It is part of Tkachuk's game to get under the other team's skin, but the line should be drawn once the game is over. Truly a gutless move by Tkachuk.

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