Gary Bettman Implies NHL Will Skip 2022 Olympics

In 2018, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said "I don't think we want to go to China", referring to the 2022 Olympic games. His comments in his State of the Union address over the All-Star weekend seem to indicate that NHL players will likely not participate on the Olympic stage. Here is what he said.

Commissioner Gary Bettman has said that the NHL will make a decision on a timeline determined by the NHL and there will be no outside influence in the decision making process. The IIHF has asked the NHL to make a determination by August 2020, but Bettman is not willing to recognize this deadline. This would be the second time the IIHF has set a deadline.
"That doesn't mean that I don't take Rene seriously (IIHF Commissioner), but he already gave us one deadline and that came and went."
Bettman has also said that making this decision is based on the NHL schedule, but many critics aren't buying into this so-called "diversion". The NHL did not participate in the 2018 Olympic games and Bettman cited liability to owners and insurance companies as deciding factors. He also expressed his displeasure with the monetization of the league's players with a lack of residuals being given to the NHL.

If the NHL does not participate in the 2022 Olympic Games, would Bettman's decision be justified by protecting 'league interests' or should growing the game and fostering the international stage be a priority?

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