Kevin Bieksa & Zack Kassian Fist Fight In Elevator

Kevin Bieksa and Zack Kassian surely had some wild times while they were members of the Vancouver Canucks. Kassian joined the "Kes and Juice" podcast, hosted by former teammates and NHL'ers Ryan Kessler and Kevin Bieksa. You're not going to believe the details of this night. What do you get when you combine two meat heads and a zillion beers? An elevator fight. Here's the story.

In the hotel lobby after a night of drinking, Kassian shoved Kessler to which he reciprocated. Once they made it to the elevator, Kassian and Bieksa began throwing fists in the elevator.
"You and me were fighting and suddenly I pushed you out of the elevator and the elevator goes up half way and stops. So, I'm stuck in the elevator and you're trying to jump up and we're giving it to each other verbally. Then you just give up an say 'I'm going home'.            - Kevin Bieksa
Bieksa also decided to go home and unbeknownst to him, Kassian had been calling him all night. Once his wife pointed this to his attention, he listened to a voicemail  saying "Juice, where are you, we've got to settle this!"

The two met at the rink the next day laughing and reminiscing fondly of their prior night's fight in the elevator. Typical hockey guy stuff, isn't it? Here's what Kassian had to say on the podcast.
"I was probably being an idiot. I probably said something stupid and obviously you're not going to take any shit. You know what, that happens. We came to think and it wasn't a big deal."                         - Zack Kassian

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