Leafs' GM Kyle Dubas Goes Above And Beyond

Some members of management are known to be absolutely ruthless. Whether it be a purely business attitude or their complete inept of interpersonal skills, NHL general managers are not well known for showing a personal interest in their players and their day to day affairs. However, Kyle Dubas breaks precedent in an immense display character.

Kyle Dubas has spent a significant amount of his holiday season at the hospital to support Toronto Maple Leafs' Ilya Mikheyev. Mikheyev suffered a gruesome laceration to his wrist which lead to his artery being severed. He was discharged from the hospital on December 30th, 2019, and flew home to Toronto with Dubas.

Dubas not only spent time keeping Mikheyev company at the hospital, but also bought him clothes and other personal accessories.

Whether you're one to criticize or praise the performance of GM Kyle Dubas, we must recognize this pure act of class. This is a prime example of why the hockey community is so strong.

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