NHL Issues Hefty Fine To John Tortorella

After the Columbus Blue Jackets' 3-2 loss against the Chicago Blackhawks this past weekend, head coach John Tortotella blasted the NHL and the on-ice officials. His antics during the post-game interview has lead to a fine of historical proportions.
The NHL has issued a rather harsh punishment that the league has not seen in quite some time. The league has 'thrown the book' at Tortorella, so to speak. He has been issued a fine of $20,000 and will receive and additional fine of $25,000 if he repeats this offence between now and December 2020.

What's your take? Has the NHL gone too far to silence legitimate criticism or is the level of unprofessional conduct on Tortotella's behalf deserving of this punishment?

In case you missed it, here's Tortotella "addressing" the media, post-game.

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