Maple Leafs' Goaltender Calls Out Teammates

The Maple Leafs fell 6-4 in yesterday's contest against the Edmonton Oilers. Everyone enjoyed watching Connor McDavid dominate the ice and tear up the Leafs' defence. However, goaltender Freddie Andersen was not thrilled with the games' result, especially after having been pulled during the second period. He has clearly had enough and vented his frustration with the media. Check it out.

Andersen was visibly upset while sitting on the players bench after his half-game stint. Here's what he said to the cameras after the game.
"It's a lesson to stick together more. Even thought it's been a good stretch for us, I think we can't expect it to go our way every night unless we work for it."
The team has relied heavily upon Andersen this season, but he has now let in 3+ goals in the last 6 of 7 starts. To his dismay, the Leafs allowed 19 shots in 22 minutes, which is part of the reason Keefe pulled Anderson after the 3-0 deficit. " It was more than one games' worth of work... it's unfair to him" is what Keefe had to say about pulling Andersen.

It's clear Andersen is frustrated with the inability of Toronto's defence to play well in their own zone.  This statement also implies that the team did not work hard enough against the Oilers and left him out to dry. Moreover, there seems to be a need for their players to have protection on the ice. Perhaps a large body with a selfless style of play can help prepare the Leafs for an expected playoff run.

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