Rumor: Anthony Duclair Could Be The Next Big Bargain

Anthony Duclair has had an unstable start to his NHL career as the Ottawa Senators are now the 5th team he has played for since his 2014 debut. His future in the league was unclear until this season where he has accumulated 21 goals and 10 assists over 40 games. He will be participating in the 2020 NHL All-Star game as a result of his improved play. Despite this, the Senators may the league's next big bargain.

The Sens are clearly in the midst of a rebuild and the services of Duclair are highly coveted by the organization. He will become an RFA at the end of the season and will likely seek an increase in both value and term from his current 1 year $1.65 million deal.There has been much speculation on a trade involving Duclair, but TSN's Darren Dreger has offered a contrary opinion.
"I suppose there could be the threat of a trade - again the Ottawa Senators are still very much in a rebuild format, so they can dangle Anthony Duclair out there. But again, given the offensive production of Anthony Duclair this year it makes sense that the Ottawa Senators will do everything they can up to January 1st, maybe soon after January 1st, to get a contract done."
January 1st has come and gone and a contract extension has not been announced. If a deal has not been reached in the next week or two, it is more likely than not that Anthony Duclair will be wearing another uniform come trade deadline.

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