Shocking Video: CBJ Draft Pick shoots puck at ref's face

File this one under things you can't do in hockey, no matter which league you play in. Thomas Larkin, a former pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets is facing a big suspension after he appeared upset with an offside call and shot the puck directly at the ref.

Happy Gilmore would be proud, but unfortunately, not many other people are going to be on Larkin's side on this one. Larkin who plays for Adler Mannheim, is in question after some have taken his side and said it was an accident, but as you can tell from the video, it certainly doesn't look that way.

Larkin has been in trouble with the league before after he hit long-time NHLer, Daniel Paille, and Paille was knocked out of the game and several weeks with a severe concussion. A year later, a Swedish prosecutor Joakim Johansson indicated that Larkin would be charged with assault for the blindside hit on Paille.

You be the judge here, an accident, or accidently on purpose?

Here's the hit on Paille:

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