Fans calling for NBC to fire Mike Milbury after Muzzin comments

The NHL on NBC has been doing a great job covering the NHL's playoffs and brought out some of the biggest names in broadcasting to their telecast. Then there's Mike Milbury. Leave it to the shoe-hitting ex-NHLer to say a player is faking an injury for a whistle, and boy the fans aren't happy about it.

When the Maple Leafs Jake Muzzin went down awkwardly and tried to get up, he lost feeling in his toes. As the live broadcast on NBC carried on and zoomed in on Muzzin, Milbury had some things to say that have the hockey world in shock...

Really, Mike....what a joke. Here's some of the best comments from fans who are calling for Mike to find another sport. ICYMI - Glenn Healy once ripped Milbury on live tv and it was amazing:

Photo credit: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire