Brandon Saad Open to Contract Extension with Colorado

Colorado Avalanche must have the best reputation in the league because forward Brandon Saad hasn't even played a game yet with the Avs, and he's already talking about staying there long-term.

When the Chicago Blackhawks traded Saad to the Avalanche it caught the 28-year-old off guard. It wasn't then known the Blackhawks were entering a rebuild and the move certainly shocked Saad, and the core of their team. For Saad, the shock was followed by excitement, as he couldn't wait to join a young team in Colorado who are close to contending each and every year. 

Saad was recently on an episode of NHL @TheRink Podcast and had this to say:

We haven't had any discussions, I think it's a bit early, especially with not really knowing what's going on with the season and all that, but for me, thinking about it, Colorado has always been in my top because I want to win again. So to be in a great spot like that, on a great team, and then you hear wonders about the city, so really, it seems like a great place where I want to play for a long time.
It's a beautiful city. I'm looking forward to getting the season going because we have a hell of a team out there in Denver.

Saad is in the last year of his deal paying him $6 million per season. He's coming off a 21-goal season, however, the Avs will likely wait it out to see if he can build off his 33 points in 58 games last year.

Avalanche general manager, Joe Sakic is as patient as they come and even though Saad would love to get pen to paper asap, he may have to wait a few months. 

Sounds like he won't mind, he's just happy to be there. 

Photo credit: Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire