Maple Leafs GM Wants Core Players to Sacrifice More

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't won a playoff series in 15 years and if next year is 'their year', general manager Kyle Dubas knows it's going to take sacrifice. Not only does that mean each of their stars will have to give a little to gain a bunch some success for the team, Dubas mentions it's from will and determination that's going to see his team get over the hump.

Dubas recently spoke with TSN media and had this to say about his core players:

There's so much focus sometimes placed on bringing in one or two players and the impact that they can make, but the reality is if that level of competitiveness, and grit, and toughness, as we term it, is going to permeate through the locker room, it's going to be through the maturity of the group that's already there.

Our core group is really embracing the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity. If they're willing to sacrifice a little bit in each of their own individual realms, as all young teams do, then we'll really reach our full potential.

When we talk about toughness with our group, it's very simple the way we define it," Dubas said. "If there's a 50-50 puck, do you desperately want to win that puck every single time? And are you willing to be the first one on the puck? Are you willing to go to the difficult areas of the ice with and without the puck and be successful?

The Leafs ended last season disappointment after being eliminated from the playoff bubble by the pesky Columbus Blue Jackets. Dubas went out and acquired some more leadership and toughness in hopes of getting his team over the hump next season.

We all wait to see if it pays off. 

Photo credit:  Gerry Angus/Icon Sportswire

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