New Development May Force the Sharks Out of San Jose

If you are a Sharks fan, you may want to look away, especially if you live in San Jose. Downtown projects in San Jose could force the team to leave, and the hockey team is trying to do whatever they can to stay. Including, reaching out to the fans for help:

There's something you don't see everyday.

These concerns have been ongoing for over a year now and the team has shared them with city officials and Google. The massive tech company is trying to construct a downtown project that includes 65 new buildings in an 84-acre area, all while the city of San Jose is trying to redevelop roughly 250 acres. Google's development will push the team out, and they will have no choice but to find another home.

The current Sharks' lease at SAP Center runs until 2025, so they need to move on this quick. 

Sharks President, Jonathan Becher didn't hold back, there's legit concern and people are freaking out. 

Let's hope everything can be worked out in time and the Sharks keep their tank in San Jose.