Report: NHL Playing Games at Home Arenas a Legit Possibility

The NHL still has a lot to work out for next season to operate and it feels like they are leaving things to the last minute. The league is hoping to get training camp started late December and have opening night for the 2020-21 season sometime in January. While it's always been assumed 'Bubble Hockey' was the only option, turns out we could see teams playing in their home arenas after all.

According to sources who have contacted TSN's Frank Seravalli, having teams play home games at home is gaining steam. 

You may be asking how in the world is this going to work, well here's a few things to consider:

1. Teams would host other teams for a two to three game series much like baseball to limit the travel

2. In regions where Covid-19 isn't running rampant, teams could host fans in some capacity, much like the NFL

3. Bubbles cost the league millions upon millions to operate and the revenue being lost by local markets is enormous

Look for an announcement to coming in the next two weeks on how exactly the NHL plans on operating next season. Anything from 48 to a 62 game season is in play, and at this point the fans don't care, we all just want to see live hockey at some point in 2021.

Photo credit: Justin Berl/Icon Sportswire