NHL Agents: Potential the Maple Leafs Trade Mitch Marner

Late last week, Craig Custance of The Athletic released a piece regarding some potential stars who could be changing teams, after he spoke with a group of NHL agents from across the league.

One name that came up multiple times....Mitch Marner. 

The 23-year-old Marner is coming off a season where he collected 67 points in 59 games for the Toronto Maple Leafs, which was actually a down year considering in 2018-19 he finished with 94 points in 82 games. 

His ticket is huge, as Marner makes $10.893 million per season, including several signing bonuses that have already paid Marner $29 million in bonuses, after only two-years of his contract. The actual cash goes down each year which is appealing for other teams, and his no-movement clause doesn't kick in until 2023-24.

Will the Maple Leafs trade Mitch Marner?

The agents who were interviewed brought up some decent points:
I’d say Mitch Marner. They shouldn’t have signed John Tavares. His skating is declining every year. They should have just focused on the two younger kids and used the money elsewhere. I know it’s great to have the two centers … but you can’t have three players making over $10 million.

One of the big names on the Leafs. I’m not 100 percent sure … They might trade one of the big three.

Marner would certainly fetch a ton on the trade market, but at this point, don't expect the Maple Leafs to move him. The team is still within it's window to win a Cup, and Marner is a huge part of their foundation. 

The organization loves everything he stands for and his brand has been growing all over Canada. Regardless though, the team has not had playoff success yet with this core, and hockey is a results oriented business.

Sure, there's potential anyone from any team could be traded at some point, but for now, don't expect Marner to be moved. 

If the Maple Leafs struggle come playoff time again next season.....well, then you just never know!


Photo credit:  Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire