Three Potential Destinations for Zdeno Chara

Zdeno Chara is 43-years-old and by all accounts, ready to return to the NHL for his 23rd season. The long-time Boston Bruins captain is currently an unrestricted free-agent and has been mulling over multiple offers from across the league. While some are surprised, others aren't as he's earned his right to choose.

Where will 'Big Z' end up? 

Three potential destinations for Zdeno Chara?

Boston Bruins: While it's a touch odd why no contract has been signed at this point, the door hasn't been fully closed on Chara heading back to Bean Town. The Bruins have plenty of cap space still available, and Chara has made almost $100 million over his career, so money isn't priority #1, or even on the list at this point. The Bruins still have a team to go deep, if he re-signed would you be that surprised?

Toronto Maple Leafs: If you listen to certain members of the Toronto media world, they think Chara to Toronto is in the bag. While that's certainly not the case, as the Leafs have no cap space, a crowded defense, and happen to be one of the Bruins' biggest rivals, there is a small chance we could see this happen. Imagine the jokes if Chara joins Joe Thornton in Toronto? They would never get old.

Philadelphia Flyers: The city of brotherly love would go crazy for some Big Z. The team is horrible in their own-end and Chara would help stabilize their d-zone coverage. There have also been a ton of rumors surrounding the Flyers trading from their left-handed defensive depth, so if that were to take place, signing Chara could follow.

Zdeno Chara will go down as one of the most dominant players to ever play in the NHL. From a drafted project, to a decorated champion, it appears this year will be his last. 

What jersey he wears for his swan song, is anyone's guess. 

Photo credit:  Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire