Matthew Tkachuk Can't Wait for More of the Edmonton Oilers

The NHL is coming back and everyone in Canada is pumped to see the brand new 'North' division show itself off to the rest of the league. The Battle of Ontario is always a fierce rivalry, as is when the Montreal Canadiens take on the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, nothing compares to the Battle of Alberta and Calgary Flame, Matthew Tkachuk is ready to face the Edmonton Oilers on a more regular basis.

Tkachuk recently spoke with Eric Francis of Sportsnet, and had this to say about more Flames/Oilers games coming in 2021:

How great will that be for hockey? Those games get a lot of traction. Even people who don't know much about hockey have come up to me a lot and asked about our games against Edmonton. I can't believe how many people in St. Louis I ran into wanted to talk about it. That's the first thing they always ask me about - what those games are like to play in. The Battle of Alberta has officially gone outside this province - not only in Canada but the rest of the U.S. The common thing they say is it's must-watch TV.

You know who else is ready for this.....Zack Kassian!

Photo credit:  Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire