Vancouver Canucks Likely to Play out of Edmonton

The Vancouver Canucks have notified their players there's a chance the team will have to play their games out of Edmonton after provincial health officials have denied the Canucks request for travel approval.

The 'North' division of Canadian teams is also still very much up in the air and if all the teams can't land approval to play, the league may need to adjust their home arena setups and perhaps another divisional realignment.  

The reports surfaced over the protocols for travel for road teams and it's as intense as ever and rightfully so. 

For the Canucks they just want to play hockey and be close to their family so hopefully for the players they are allowed to bring their significant other. The hardest part of the bubble setup for the majority of the players was being away from their families for so long.

The Canucks are hoping they'll be guest passes waiting for them in Edmonton. 

Photo credit: Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire