John Tavares Extremely Lucky In Skate Blade Incident

The Toronto Maple Leafs have already lost Nick Robertson and Joe Thornton to injury. John Tavares was very close to making this list after a run in with the skate blade of Edmonton Oilers' Joakim Nygard.

Skate blades have caused serious injuries to a number of players. Nobody will forget when Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers had his throat slit open from a skate blade. This incident is more similar to the Erik Karlsson incident, where an unassuming play resulted with his achilles tendon being severed. Tavares attempted to take the puck from Nygard along the boards when Nygard's skate slid along the top of Tavares' foot. The laces of Tavares' skate were sliced making it difficult for him to skate to the bench. This unassuming play could have been disastrous for the Leafs' Captain.
Photographer: Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire