Linus Ullmark Going Through Tough Times

Linus Ullmark recently took a short personal leave of absence from the Buffalo Sabres. He has opened up about the reason why he missed time away from the team.

Ullmark was scheduled to start against the Philadelphia Flyers on Monday, but that didn't happen. Shortly after morning skate, Ullmark learned that his father passed away in Sweden.

"I had my worst pregame skate in my whole life, probably. Usually when these things sort of happen, with me, there's always been a common theme, and that's been that my dad has either been very sick or that something bad has happened back home. I sensed that something was wrong."

He noticed he had a missed call from his mother. He was in frequent contact with his family since his father was admitted to the hospital last week. When he called back, his mother informed him that his father had passed away, calmly with her by his side.

Ullmark chose to not play against the Flyers and discussed a leave of absence with the Buffalo Sabres' support staff. 

Photographer: Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire 

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