VIDEO: Did Detroit Red Wings Announcer Drop An F-Bomb On Air?

Two-time Stanley Cup Champion and broadcasting icon, Mickey Redmond, has been on the microphone for 42 years now. He has been the Detroit Red Wings' announcer for the last 32 years and has received several awards for his quality coverage. There is a video of him calling the Red Wings' most recent game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, and some believe he dropped an F-bomb on air.

Firstly, Redmond's reputation is squeaky clean after 42 years on air. He should unquestionably receive the benefit of the doubt when determining if he swore on live television, or not. 

"That is the best [lookin'] OR [fu**in'] power play the Detroit Red Wings have had in 4 games."

What do you think he said?

Here's a fun picture of Redmond captured by the camera crew. Off air of course.