Video: Maple Leafs Joe Thornton Attacks Jets' Nik Ehlers

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joe Thornton has taken his new job seriously on the team's fourth-line as 'Jumbo' has been playing with a ton of energy lately and has tried to hit everything in his path. This included Nik Ehlers of the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday night as Thornton was pissed off with how Ehlers got away with a nasty slash earlier in the night.

Thornton spent the latter parts of the third period trying to get Ehlers to fight and the two just ended up slashing each other and punching with their gloves on. It appeared Ehlers wouldn't drop the gloves and fight the much older Thornton. 

Here's the 41-year-old Thornton losing his mind on the 25-year-old Ehlers:


Photo credit: © Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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