Winnipeg Jets Fan Allegedly Assaulted After Game 4 for Wearing Jersey

All Winnipeg Jets fan Alex Wojakowski wanted to do was watch his favorite team try and win a playoff game and unfortunately a group of men had other ideas. The 23-year-old was walking home after the Jets/Canadiens Game 4 and the men approached him and punched him in the side of the face after verbally abusing him.

Here's what Wojakowski told CTV news:

Then they rushed me and three of them punched me on the side of the head. One of them pushed me and he scratched me across the face. And then I tried to run to get away, and then one of them grabbed my jersey from the back, and he was trying to rip it off me and they were just really adamant on getting my jersey. So I just said okay, here, take my jersey.

The men told Wojakowski they were going to burn his jersey and verbally harassed him along with the physical abuse. The Jets fan admitted he's not interested in going to another game in an opposing city:

The thought of going to a game now makes me feel like I can’t cheer for the team I want to cheer for or after the game I have to take off my jersey so I don’t get attacked. I think it's really disgusting ... Now that we’re finally getting the privilege to open up and finally attend hockey games and that’s the way Montreal Canadiens fans act against visiting teams fans, that’s disgusting

Unfortunate situation and one that crossed the line. It's not all Canadiens fans, but these ones need to be better. 

Photo credit:  © Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

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