Nick Foligno Comments on Leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs

When the Toronto Maple Leafs traded multiple pieces to the Columbus Blue Jackets for forward Nick Foligno, it was supposed to be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it was polar opposite and Foligno still hasn't scored a goal in blue and white. The veteran has moved on from his time in Toronto and recently opened up about why he chose Boston over returning to the Maple Leafs.

Foligno met with the media recently and had this to say:

I just feel like this is the right fit for me and my family. Ultimately I'm a dad [with] a family of three kids, and I want them to be just as comfortable. Because a lot of times, how they feel off the ice makes me play that much better on it. And I think that's why I chose Boston

Foligno's family dealt with a health scare early on in their daughter's life and it ended up his daughter Milana had to go to Boston at the time for care. He touched on how this pulled on his heart strings: 

I think they were secretly cheering me on from afar, but now they'll really have a reason to cheer for me, which will be great. And probably even more so to see how well Milana is doing for them, to see her on a more day-to-day basis, will be really special. We're pretty excited about being back in Boston for that reason

Sometimes it's about a lot more than hockey. As for on the ice and a return to the Maple Leafs, Foligno was told by the team they saw him as a mentor to some of the younger core and didn't see him being a huge contributor on the ice. More of a depth forward for the third-line and this wasn't something Foligno was interested in. 

No goals as a Maple Leaf after all the hype he was the missing piece. Tough go for Leafs Nation, but now it's great to see Foligno and his family are all set up comfortably in Bean Town.

Photo credit:   Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

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