NHL Postpones Nine More Games

The NHL has announced that nine more upcoming games have been postponed. With this, 90 NHL games have suffered this fate during the 2021-22 season. 

The postponed games are as followed: 

Minnesota Wild @ Ottawa Senators (January 3rd)

New York Islanders @ Seattle Kraken (January 4th) 

New York Islanders @ Vancouver Canucks (January 5th)

New York Islanders @ Edmonton Oilers (January 8th)

New York Islanders @ Calgary Flames (January 11th)

Minnesota Wild @ Edmonton Oilers (January 12th)

Vegas Golden Knights @ Edmonton Oilers (January 14th)

Vegas Golden Knights @ Calgary Flames (January 15th)

Edmonton Oilers @ Winnipeg Jets (January 16th)

All of the games that were set to take place in Western Canada were postponed due to attendance restrictions currently being enforced. The New York Islanders' contest against the Seattle Kraken was also postponed because it would have been their lone game left on the road trip.

Speaking of the Islanders, it's crazy to think that they now have four more games to make up. At this juncture, they have only played 27 on the season. Only the Boston Bruins have played less than them (26). Due to this, the Islanders will have an immensely packed schedule as the season continues. When seeing as how they are 9-12-6 and trying to get things back on track, this is another obstacle. 

Nevertheless, we will have to wait and see what others are postponed from here. It seems that more could be on the way. 

Photo Credit: © Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports