NHL Rumors: Arizona Coyotes In Jeopardy After Latest Reports Regarding New Arena

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman won't admit it but the Arizona Coyotes are in a serious mess and have never been closer to leaving the desert. The latest reports have surfaced on Monday stating the Coyotes don't have enough votes to approve their new arena.

The Tempe city council needs to approve their new $1.7-billion arena and entertainment district, and word is the votes won't be rolling in and their long-term home is in serious jeopardy. According to Craig Morgan of PHNX Sports there's currently only three yes votes for the project, meanwhile there are two no votes and two that are undecided.

And yes, the undecided votes are leaning to no so doubt has certainly set in for everyone involved. It's been a tough go for the 'Yotes of late as news broke they owed taxes and had outstanding bills which they mentioned was just 'human error'. As it stands right now the uncertainty is taking over and there's still no word on when a vote will even take place.

As per reports: 

The city of Tempe said the evaluation process would take several months and will include extensive examinations, with opportunities for community feedback. It is not clear at this time how far along in that process the city is.

Might want to buy some Coyotes jerseys if you get the chance. Turns out in a couple of years they could be vintage.

Photo credit:  Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports