NHL Rumors: Evander Kane Signing With Edmonton Oilers

The Evander Kane investigation appears to be coming to a close on Thursday and newly minted hockey insider/ex-referee Tim Peel has reported he's on his way to the Edmonton Oilers.

Not often do you see one of hockey's best insiders quote tweet an ex-ref for information but welcome to 2022. As for Kane, it was either the Oilers or the Washington Capitals, with a chance of playing with Connor McDavid being the trump card. Kane is projected to slide into the top-line in Edmonton and certainly gives them some more balance up front.

While the saga off the ice is a story of it's own, Kane is one of the best power forwards in the game. He was on pace for career highs in basically all major categories last season before things got off the rails and many feel he's going to be a great fit with McDavid because of his speed and high hockey IQ to keep up with McDavid's vision.

As for the details of the contract, that appears to be the biggest mystery at this point. His latest contract which was terminated by the San Jose Sharks was for $7 million per season. The Oilers have $3.7 million in cap space at the moment thanks to LTIR. Perhaps both sides have decided let's get this year done on the books and we'll worry about next season after we see how 2021-22 unfolds.

Kane to the Oilers! How we feeling in Oil country?

Photo credit:  Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports