"The NHL Will Have To Heat The Ice" Winter Classic News And Updates Heading Into Tonight's Game

The Winter Classic was initially introduced to NHL fans in 2008, and it quickly became a fan-favourite event and something to look forward to during the holidays.  Viewership of the Winter Classic has dropped over the last several years for a variety of potential reasons, but in an effort to update the presentation, this year's game will be the first taking place in the evening, with a 6:00 PM puck drop.  Minnesota is the hosting city for the first time, following Buffalo, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, St. Louis, and most recently Dallas.  Taking place at Target Field, the Wild will enjoy a hometown advantage in more ways than one, as the visiting Blues are going to be subject to what will most likely be the coldest Winter Classic by a large margin:

And, as expected of Minnesota winters, it's going to be frigid cold on Saturday. As of Thursday's forecast, the high for New Year's Day will be minus-3 Fahrenheit with a low of minus-9, potentially making the 2022 Winter Classic the coldest outdoor game in NHL history.

To help combat the harsh conditions, the NHL will actually have to heat the ice in order to prevent cracking, which could result in an unplayable surface.  Florida Panthers management must have rolled their eyes hard at that one, as the team is forced to spend copious amounts of money each season in an attempt to keep the ice cold in such a hot climate.

Thankfully, despite the league's recent COVID outbreaks (and the cold Minnesota winter), the game will go on as planned Saturday night as the Minnesota Wild take on the St. Louis Blues at 6 PM EST.  

Photo Credit: © Tim Flores-USA TODAY Sports