Video: Dylan Larkin and Phillip Danault Drop The Gloves

The Los Angeles Kings absolutely dominated the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday night as the Kings won 4-0 and outshot the Wings 27-2 in the first period. No wonder Detroit captain Dylan Larkin was pissed off and cross-checked Kings center Philipp Danault a few times to get him to fight at center ice.

The play happened in the first period while the Kings were up 2-0. They were outshooting the Wings 14-0 with less than 10 minutes gone in the game. The drumming got the best of Larkin and he took out his frustration in a major way.

Two players you don't normally see drop the mitts but great for the Wings captain to try and get his team going anyway possible. While it didn't work, certainly a valiant effort:

Photo credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports