Video: Lucic and Deslauriers Go Toe-to-Toe in Heavyweight Bout

The Calgary Flames are one of the best teams in hockey and a lot of that has to do with their team chemistry, defensive style and their team toughness. Perhaps the Flames have nobody tougher than Milan Lucic and on Wednesday night the big man was showing off his fists.

Lucic challenged Ducks tough guy Nicolas Deslauriers to a tilt in the second period after the two got tangled up along the boards. The Flames enforcer was not happy with one of the hits he took and challenged Deslauriers to drop the mitts, which of course he gladly agreed to.

These two are no stranger to throwing hands and this isn't the first time they have decided to punch each other in the face. Here's the latest from Lucic and Deslauriers as two of the NHL's toughest customers go toe-to-toe:

History Of Hands

Photo credit: © Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports