Video: Lightning Head Coach Ejected After Chirping the Refs

Jon Cooper is one of the best coaches in the NHL and is known for his sense of humor and ability to connect with his players and get the most out of them. He also happens to be a fiery competitor and on Thursday night it was on display in amazing fashion.

Cooper was not happy on Thursday night as his Tampa Bay Lightning were getting worked by the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was frustrated with the officials the entire game and late in the second period his blood started to boil, and he let loose with a flurry of chirps. Scrums were breaking out and the Lightning coach felt the penalties should have not come out equal for both sides. 

As per the game notes:

The Lightning went down two men after the skirmish. Both Corey Perry (double-minor) and Anthony Cirelli were booked for roughing, and the team was given a bench penalty. Bryan Rust and Mark Friedman were both handed roughing infractions for Pittsburgh. The Lightning ultimately killed the penalties to kick off the third period, but Pittsburgh took home a decisive 5-1 victory. Cooper has been the subject of the two most recent coaching ejections in the NHL. He was also given the heave-ho in a March 2020 contest with the Boston Bruins.

Cooper went on to question why the Penguins are the least penalized team in the league and wondered why he never received an explanation for getting tossed. Take a look at the fireworks: