Bruins’ Bergeron Responds To Canadiens Rumors

As the speculation continues to mount in Boston over the future of long-time Bruin Patrice Bergeron, he's pretty clear about one of the rumors making the rounds. It's been floated that the Montreal Canadiens could be a target of the 36-year-old's affection. He was born in Quebec...His former agent is now the GM in Montreal...Some of it adds up. But when Bergeron was asked about this possibility, he "shot it down."

Matt Porter of the Boston Globe reported that, although Bergeron could see how the dots would be connected, it was still a "no", basically to the Canadiens or any other team other than Boston, for that matter. 

Asked if he could envision himself playing anywhere else, he said, simply and quickly, "no". It sounds like the soon-to-be 37-year-old is just deciding on whether to come back and play hockey for another season. 

His longtime teammate Brad Marchand has already thrown in his two cents. “Obviously, I pushed my case on him to come back,” said Marchand. “He’s the backbone of our team. He’s obviously the biggest part of our team. So, yeah, we want him to come back. Whatever happens, he’s earned the right to make whatever decision he wants and take whatever time that he needs.”

As the team cleaned out its lockers on Monday, Bergeron, who's spent his entire 18-year career in Boston, was still undecided about what his future holds. 

"I think it's just more time...", said the captain. "I'm gonna need some time to think about a lot of things and come up with the best decision for myself and my family."